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Staying compliant with mobile marketing regulations

You must ensure you offer SMS message recipients an easy-to-use opt-out path on all messages you send. All numbers which ask to opt-out from your messages should be removed from your contact list immediately and added to any opt-out database you keep and manage off-line. It is highly important that you offer an efficient way of giving consumers an option to assuredly remove themselves from receiving text messages from you.

It is also critical that you only send messages to opted-in numbers only. These are mobile numbers you have collected through the use of SMS Short Codes, website form, QR code or collected numbers manually from customers such as in store or over the phone. Any mobile number collected in these ways can be added to your contact list to receive your mobile marketing campaigns.

Account integrity - Message quantity and frequency

Be aware that sending messages too often to your contact list or trying to send high numbers will be flagged by texttosend as suspicious and may result in a review of how you use your account. Messaging too frequently and to high numbers of recipients can also run the risk of being over-bearing to your customers who could choose to opt-out in higher volumes than targeted and relevant mobile marketing.

Data sources

We also advise you to be very careful with where you source your data. We recommend the above methodologies for building opt-in database and recommend you do not purchase random data.

It is vital that your mobile messages clearly state who the message is from (SenderID) and options for opting-out of your service. Any data you upload to texttosend is safe and will not be shared with anyone else.

To stay compliant, it is vital that you secure opt-in from your customers before sending to their mobile phone numbers.

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