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How It Works - Introduction

SMS marketing and communication is a great way to drive new sales, enhance your customer service and to improve operational efficiencies. Mobile phone usage is increasing and it’s important for businesses to take action and implement mobile marketing into their strategy.

Our platform makes it easier for businesses to do exactly that. Creating an account takes less than 60 seconds and once you’ve uploaded your contacts, you’re ready to start your first SMS Marketing campaign.

What you’ll need to implement an effective SMS Marketing campaign

    Contacts - Ensure the contacts on your list have given their consent to you.

    A goal - Have in mind the end goal of your SMS marketing plan. What do you want to achieve? Is it to drive more sales? Or do you want to improve communication with your customers?

    A message - Optimise your message in order to meet your goal.

Check out our video and presentation below for a brief introduction on how SMS marketing and our platform can benefit you.


How SMS Marketing Works from texttosend