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Why SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of the advertising market and is becoming a major part of the communication strategy of many companies and brands.

For small business owners, SMS marketing is the ideal tool to attract new customers and generate new revenue because it is personal, gets direct to the individual, offers unparalleled immediacy and the chance for you to personalise marketing messages to a specific customer. Importantly, because each user can be treated as an individual, tracking and measuring user responses is relatively easy.

The latest figures show that more than 88% of UK adults own a mobile phone, with similarly high market penetration across developed countries. In the UK, over five billion texts are sent each month and a recent Ofcom study showed that texting is more popular than talking on a mobile phone.

More crucially, 97% of these messages are opened immediately, presenting an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal to target customers within the tightest of timeframes. It is no coincidence then that analysts are predicting a 580% growth in mobile marketing over the next five years.

With maximum audience penetration a given, the only limit is the marketers’ imagination.

Why not take advantage of mobile SMS marketing to generate direct response and brochure requests, or run quizzes and competitions, votes, alerts and reminder notifications, community-based interactions, mobile coupons and ticketing.

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